Check Out Our Accounting and Tax Auditing Services

We work with clients throughout the year to respond to various notices or audit notifications at both the federal and state level.

Below are some of the ways we can help you throughout the audit process:

  • Representation at the audit meeting(s) with the IRS or state taxing agency auditor (in most cases, you do not have to attend the meetings)
  • Evaluation of the auditor’s findings
  • Negotiation with the IRS or state taxing agency to remove some or all of the penalties (if the audit results in additional tax due, plus penalties and interest)
  • Set up a payment plan with the IRS/state taxing agency (if you cannot pay the additional tax in full)

For issues outside of an audit,
we can also:

Call the IRS/state taxing agency to ask any questions you may have.
Challenge the findings in the notice, if necessary.
Work with one of our partner firms to negotiate with the IRS or state taxing agency to remove all or some of the penalties.

If you have questions about a notice or audit, please contact our office.