Entertainment Industry Services

John Wall, CPA Entertainment Industry ServicesRunning a production on or off Broadway? Trying to launch a multi-city production tour? Starting a film, television, or internet-only production? Our firm specializes in providing consulting and tax services to the entertainment industry. We will work with you to answer your financial tax-related questions, so you can plan for production growth.

Here are just some of the ways we can help you:
• Understand how specific IRS rules pertain to the entertainment industry
• Know the specific write-offs for production investments
• Gain information about business structures for your production company
• Prepare taxes and manage the accounting system
• Maintain a tracking system for investors and understand how much has been invested into a production, how much has been recouped, and how much profit has been earned
• Understand and adhere to different states’ tax code, if applicable (for multi-state productions)

Ensure your production isn’t bogged down by investment tracking or accounting difficulties.

We make regular trips to Los Angeles to meet with our entertainment industry clients. Please contact John directly at johnwall@cpagainesville.com to find out when we will be in LA next or schedule a consultation to find out how we can help keep you on track.